Friday, May 30, 2008

Review of the Movie Minute Men

Age: All ages
Stars: 5
This movie is made my Disney and is a very good movie. Virgil's first year in high school is really ruff for him. His best friend become a big bully. That same day he meets, Charlie, a young boy who is very smart and passed grades.
Charlie makes a time machine and they, Virgil, Zeke, and Charlie, become the Minute Men. They use the time machine for good. When they see bullies being mean they go back in time and help the people who are getting bullied. At first they are called Snowsuit Guys because they wear snowsuits but soon their name get known.
This movie is a fun for everyone! Get, watch it, love it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review of The Series of Unfortunate Events Books 1-13 Lemony Snicket

Author: Lemony Snicket
Stars: 5! I would do A LOT more if I could!
These are my MOST favorite series in the whole wide world! I cried on the last one but they are SO good! I really hope that you will read them all because they will make you so warm inside just like I do.
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny's parent's died when their house got struck on fire. They first get sent to Count Olaf who is the WHOLE problem in all of these books. Through all the books he is trying to kill one of them to get their fortune. They are a fun filled pack of very exciting books that you will love.
I really like these books and I hope you will read them and have the same kind of care for them like I do. My brother Noah is on the first one and LOVES it. I try to get all of my friends to read them. I really hope that a lot of you have already read them and even if you haven't read them I hope that you will!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review of The Voyage of The Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

Title: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

Author: C.S. Lewis

Stars: 4 1/2

I just finished this book along with the one before this today! This book might make you cry at the end. If you have read Prince Caspian then you know that Peter and Susan can't come to Narnia anymore. So in this book only Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace (their cousin) go into Narnia.

The Dawn Treader is the first ship to set sail in I think a hundred years. Caspian is set out to find the seven Lords that his uncle Miraz sent out and they haven't been found by the Narnians since. (I think) Reepacheap is off to find Aslan's country.

Let me tell you that it is sad at the end of this book because...... I am not going to tell you but figure it out for yourselves. I couldn't believe it when Aslan told Edmund and Lucy!

This is what the back of the book says!

NARNIA ... where anything can happen (and most often does)... and where the adventure begins. The Dawn Treader is the first ship Narnia has seen in centuries. King Caspian has built it for his voyage to find the seven lords, good men whom his evil uncle Miraz banished when he usurped the thrown. The journey takes Edmund, Lucy, their cousin Eustace, and Caspian to the Eastern Islands, beyond the Silver Sea, toward Aslan's country at the End of the World.

I really liked this book! You should really read them all! I advise you to! The next book is I am going to read is called, "Twilight!"


Review of The Devil's Arithmectic

Title: The Devil's Arithmetic

Age: Young Adult
Author: Jane Yolen
Stars: 5
This book is a very sad, happy, and heart-warming story! This book is taken place in the time of World War II. Hannah Stern gets taken back in time of the time of World War II. They are going to celebrate her so called told," Uncle's" wedding. When they get there people are going to take them to the concentration camps. I really liked this book. It is very heart-warming and I really advice you to read this!
This is what the back of the book says:
Hannah dreads going to her family's Passover Seder. Her relatives always tell the same stories, and Hannah's tired of hearing them talk about the past. But when she opens the front door to symbolically welcome the prophet Elijah, she's transported to a Polish village-and the year 1942. Why is she there, and who is "Chaya" that everyone seems to think she is? Just as she begins to unravel the mystery, Nazi soldiers come and talk everyone in the village away. And the only Hannah knows what unspeakable horrors that await.
I really liked this book!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Review of Prince Caspian the Movie

Age: probably 5 and up

Stars: 4

My mom took us to this movie tonight and I liked it. They changed some things but it was still a good movie. King Miraz has a son and he wants to kill Prince Caspian because he is the one who should get the thrown after him. So Caspian runs away and meets the badger and a dwarf! He also blows Queen Susan's horn which is tutor found.
When he blows the horn Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy come into Narnia. In this movie they go through a whole bunch of battles but of course, they win them! :) Aslan is shown twice in this whole movie. Reepacheap is a very funny mouse in this movie. He says a lot of lines in the movie that are just plane funny!
Aslan and Reepacheap are my favourite characters in this movie! What are yours?
I really recommend this movie! I think that little children under 5 or even up shouldn't be able to see this movie because some parts are a little scary. But older children and grown-ups would be fine!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Review of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a very good singer! This is her first CD and she is very good at singing! She is a country girl and some of you might not like country but she is very good at it!

1. Tim McGraw

2. Picture to Burn

3. Teardrops on my Guitar

4. A Place in This World

5. Cold as You

6. The Outside

7. Tied Together

8. Stay Beautiful

9. Should've Said No

10. Mary's Song

11. Our Song

I really like this CD and I hope you will, too!


P.S. In the song Cold as You she does say the "D" word once.

Review of Jump5

This CD if very cool! I think the group of Jump5 are Christains! They sing a lot of songs that people have already wrote like, Celebration, We Are Family, Walking on Sunshine, and more! They are the singers of the song Beauty and The Beast! I really like that song! The name of the CD is Shining Star!

1. We Are Family

2. Walking on Sunshine

3. Beauty and the Beast

4. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

5.Freeze Frame

6. I've Got The Music in Me

7. Welcome

8. God Bless The U.S.A.

9. Celebration

10. Shining Star

11. Friends

12. Wonderful Christmas

I advise you all to listen to this CD!


Review of Chosen Girls

I love this CD! It has songs about being Strong and not falling into pieces! They are a Christian group and they are soooo cool! I love to listen to them!
The songs are... (The ones I skip are the ones I don't know the names too)

1. Chosen

2. Me Time

3. Let my Heart Grow

4. The Girl I want To Be

5. Once Voice

6. Stronger

7. Where You Are

8. You Take Me to The Top Of the World

9. Trust the Lord

10. Rock for God

I really like these girls because they made me relize how much I really love Jesus! If you girls listen to these girls I hope they will change the way you feel about Jesus!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello, my name is Natalie and this blog is all for my reviews! I hope you like them and like my reviews! I hope to become like my mom who writes reviews for living! They send her movies, books, and CDS for free and she reviews them!