Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter

Title: A Dangerous Path
Author: Erin Hunter
Stars: 4
Description: ShadowClan has a dark new leader, but will he be satisfied with his power now-or does his desire for revenge burn even more strongly? Fireheart fears that there is a connection between the rise of Tigerstar and the terrible dreams that haunt his nights, murmuring of danger and death. Meanwhile, a mysterious and vicious threat unlike any other has invaded the forest, placing every cat's life in peril. Fireheart's beloved leader has turned her back on their warrior ancestors, and Fireheart can't help but wonder if she's right. Has Starclan abandoned them forever?
This book is fantastic! I think there is a lot more war in this book then any of the other Warrior books I have read. I like it that there is crying parts in the book and violent parts in the book, and things like that. I also like that two of the characters fall in love! I really recommend this series for everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dark Blue by Melody Carlson

Title: Dark Blue
Author: Melody Carlson
Stars: 3
Description: Kara Hendricks and Jordan Ferguson have been best friends since kindergarten. By now-sophomore year- they're more like sisters, really. Jordan has always been the leader in the friendship, but still she's the perfect friend. That is, until she starts to hang out with a new, "cool" crowd and decide Kara is a popularity liability.
I think is book is a great influence for people who have gone through all sorts of hard times. This one is about loosing your best friend. Melody Carlson really explains what teenage and pre-teens are going through now a days.
One of the characters mom hung herself, another character is into smoking, drugs, and jewelry. But above all this, this is a great Christian series.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K Rowling

Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Author: J.K. Rowling

Stars: 3

Description: Orphaned as a baby, Harry Potter has spent 11 awful years living with his mean aunt, uncle, and cousin Dudley. But everything changes for Harry when an owl delivers a mysterious letter inviting him to attend a school for wizards. At this special school, Harry finds friends, aerial sports, and magic in everything from classes to meals, as well as a great destiny that's been waiting for him...if Harry can survive the encounter.

People are probably going to hate me for reading Harry Potter, but I am proud to say that their is nothing wrong with these books. The Harry Potter series is a great adventure series, with lots of action and just fun! And I do recommend this book to everybody!

There is a couple of bad words, like dam*


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson

Title: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Author: James Patterson
Stars: 4
Description: He was born with a great power. The greatest superpower of all isn't to be part spider, part man, or to cast magic spells-the greatest power is the power to create. Daniel X has that power. And a deadly secret. Daniel's secret abilities-like being able to manipulate objects and animals with his mind or to re-create himself in any shape he choose-have helped him survive. But Daniel doesn't have a normal life. He is the protector of Earth, the Alien Hunter, with a mission beyond any one's imagining. Now the fate of the world rest of Daniel X From the day that his parents with brutally murder before his very eyes, Daniel used his unique gifts to Hunt down their assassin. Finlay, with the help of The List, bequeathed to him in his parents' dying breath, his is closing in on the killer. Now on his one, he vows to carry out his father's mission-and to take vengeance to the process.
My brother read this book and I thought I would read it, this book is very good but there were somethings that surprised me. There was a bit of language in this book like, Go*, jacka**, dam*, and things like that. Then there was some romantic stuff in the book, one part in the book Daniel sleeps in his crushes closet and he thinks that his crush want him to sleep with him. Then there is a one kiss on the cheek.
But I would recommend this book because it has a lot of action and, it says right on the book flap, that Spider man meets Men in Black. I do think that this is a mix of book and I do reccomend this book to everyone who likes a good action book!
P.S. There is a sequel to this book coming soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata

Title: Kira-Kira
Author: Cynthia Kadohata
Stars: 5
Description: Glittering. That's how Katie Takeshima's sister, Lynn, makes everything seem. The sky is kira-kira because its color is deep but see-through at the same time. The sea is kira-kira for the same reason. And so are people's eyes. When Katie and her family move from a Japanese community in Iowa to the Deep South of Georgia, it's Lynn who explains to her why people stop on the street to stare. And it's Lynn who, with her special way of viewing the world, teaches Katie to look beyond tomorrow. But when Lynn becomes desperately ill, and the whole family begins to fall apart, it is up to Katie to find a way to remind them all that there is always something glittering-kira-kira- in the future.
I cam not even begin to tell you how unforgettable this story is. When you read this book you will laugh, cry, and smile. The relationship between Lynn and Katie is just touching, and the last chapters and words in this book with just touch your heart and want your to read this book all over again.
Even though the ending is kind of sad, this book is important to read.
There is some language, one Son of a b****, Go*******, and things like that. Katie has a crush on a boy and has little stories about how she dreams she could be locked in a bathroom with him but there is nothing really sexual about it, just the dreams of a ten-year-old girl. And there is also discussions of french kissing and how Lynn kissed a boy. But if you get past all fo that, this book is truly amazing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rising Storm by Erin Hunter

Title: Rising Storm
Author: Erin Hunter
Stars: 3
Description: Fireheart's traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from ThunderClan-but Fireheart can't shake the feeling that he's lurking in the forest, waiting for his chance to strike. That's not the only problem facing young warrior in those blazing summer months, as he struggles to handle sinister omens, an apprentice with a shocking secret, and a devastated Clan leader who is a shell of her former self. Meanwhile the forest gets hotter and hotter...and everyone braces for the coming storm...
These books I think are very good because they always have a surprise ending! It is so cool to see the ending in this book. Also, through out the book they have nice surprises.
Tigerclaw is now banded from the ThunderClan for betraying the Clan. The Fireheart still knows that Tigerclaw is out their and is ready for a battle.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodbye Hollywod Nobody by Lisa Samson

Title: Goodbye Hollywood Nobody
Author: Lisa Samson
Stars: 4
Description: Charley's off to Scotland with her new beau, and Scotty and her dad travel to Maine in search of Scotty's mom. That's not all they're looking for though. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about faith. Scotty's faced with her bitterness tower Karissa and what it means to live a "Jeasusy extraordinary" life. Shouldn't forgiveness play a role in that? And when Scotty and her dad land on her mother's last known trail, with their questions finally be answered?
I think that Lisa Samson ended this series perfectly! She did such a great job for all of the characters and the plot of the story! I really advise everyone to read this GREAT YA series by Lisa Samson. I think that a lot of girls will love this series!
There is a little mentions of Seth's sexual path, but nothing too bad.


The Thief Lord Movie

Title: The Thief Lord
Rated: PG for langauge and thematic elements
Description: Mystical, magical and completely enchanting, this epic tale in the tradition of the Harry Potter series brings the beloved characters of prize-winning novelist Cornelia Funke to dazzling life. After their mother dies, two boys flee their mean aunt and head for Venice, Italy, where they meet Scipio, the mysterious, "Thief lord." Along with a small band of abandoned kids who cal an old movie theater home, the boys join Scipio's world of robbing the rich to support themselves. Soon, then win the heart of a detective hired to track them, and begin an adventure that leads them to an old merry-go-round believed to have special powers. Featuring Vanessa Redgrave and a captivating supporting cast, The Thief Lord will steal your heart of the beginning to end.
I don't think that they changed a lot from the book. The acting was really good, and the little boy who played Bo is just the most adorable 6-year-old I have ever seen!I think they could have done a little better on the make-belief stuff. Like when Scipio turns into adult, that's not exactly what I would have thought of him to look like. Some people may think differently.
But still I think if people like the book, they should watch the movie, but make sure you read the book first! :)
Their is a little bit of language.

The Whispering Statue by Carolyn Keene

Title: The Whispering Statue
Author: Carolyn Keene
Stars: 3
Description: Nancy Drew is asked to solve a puzzling mystery and immediately is confronted with another, even more complicated. The first one concerns a valuable collection of rare nooks that Mrs. Horace Merriam commissioned a supposedly reputable art dealer to sell, but she now suspects that the man is a swindler. The second mystery revolves around the baffling theft of a beautiful marble statue.
This book is very cool because Nancy and her friends go undercover on a cruise and they are working on two mysteries. One involves some rare books, and the other involves a whispering statue that looks like Nancy.
My favorite part in this book was when Nancy and her friend pose as pictures when an intruder comes into the room!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coming Soon

Well, guess what!? I am interviewing Lisa Samson and the interview will be up in my blog soon! If you are a fan of her, comment and tell me some questions you want me to ask her!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trading Places by Claudia Mills

Title: Trading Places
Author: Claudia Mills
Stars: 2
Description: Amy and Todd are twins, and they get on--but they are as opposite as can be in almost every way. Amy is the bookworm and poet, totally disorganized. Todd is the competent technocrat, super organized. Everyone is sure what the twins' roles will be for the fifth-grade Mini-Society class project. But the kids change, especially when trouble comes, and so do their parents and some of the friends they thought they knew. At home everything is "horribly different" since Dad lost his job. Dad and Mom quarrel all the time, and Todd is heartbroken that the family's beloved old dog is sick.
First of all, I thought this book was about something totally different, so I didn't' get what I expected. Second of all, this book is boring. But not so boring that I quit it...I finished it but I just don't exactly get the story. I wish the author would have gone into more detail with their father and the problems of their family. But I don't recommend this book to anybody.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

Title: The Thief Lord
Author: Cornelia Funke
Stars: 4
Description: Welcome to the magical underworld of Venice, Italy. Here, hidden canals and crumbling rooftops shelter runaways and children with incredible secrets. After escaping from their cruel aunt and uncle, orphans Prosper and Bo meet a mysterious boy who calls himself the "Thief Lord." Clever and charming, the Thief Lord leads a band of street children who enjoy making mischief. But the Thief Lord also has a dark secret. And suddenly Prosper and Bo find themselves on a fantastical journey to a forgotten place. What they discover there will change the course of their destiny...forever.
I think this book is very well written, I have read Inkheart, anther book by Cornelia Funke. This book grabs you from the first page and you don't want to put it down until the last word. I think the story that is in the Thief Lord is just really cool and fun and everybody should read this book!
There is some language, Oh my Lo**, he**, and stuff like that, but nothing extreme.