Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

Title: Horton Hears a Who

Rated: PG

Stars: 5

This movie is really cute and funny. At the end it reminds me of the first Narnia movie. If you watch this movie you will see why. I think you should see this movie. It is about the Who's living in Who-Ville on a Speck, on another larger speck were there is a elephant that is trying to bring them to a safer place.

But only the Mayer can hear Horton (the elephant) It take a elephant and a really tiny Who it make everybody believe them.

I recommend this to you!


Journey To The Center of the Earth

Title: Journey to the Center of the Earth
Rated: PG
Stars: 5
This is a fun, thrilling adventure movie. Everybody knows that is now what the center of the earth looks like but this is a fun movie. It has dinosaurs, rare birds, more then a 1,000,000,000 foot drops, and people shooting out of a volcano.
I would really recommend this movie to you. It is fun, funny, and thrilling.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Penny From Heaven by Jennifer Holm

Title: Penny From Heaven

Author: Jennifer Holm

Stars: 5

Description: It's 1953 and eleven-year-old Penny dreams of a summer of butter pecan ice cream, swimming, and baseball. But nothing that simple for Penny. For starters, she can't go swimming because her mother's afraid she'll catch polio at the pool. To make matters worse, her favoritet uncle is living in a car. Her Nonny cries every time her father's name is mentioned. And the two sides of her family aren't speaking to each other. When it rains it sure does rain, but Penny's learning that like the song says... even the darkest clouds may just contain some pennies from heaven.

This book is one of my favorites. Well, most of them are. But this one is based on a true story. Well, part of it is. But this story is a very good story about listening to your family and having fun.

Penny's dad died when she was little. And she doesn't know why. Her mother won't talk to her dads side of the family. Penny doesn't understand at all. Her mother won't let her go to the pool or the movie theater because her mother thinks she might get polio.

This book is just a really good book about family and more.

Who is Your Favorite Character and Why? I think my favorite character would be Frankie. Penny's cousin. Why? He is funny and always gets into trouble. That is mostly the funny part.
What is Your Favorite Part and Why? My favorite part would be when Penny's mother's boyfriend asks Penny for her mother's hand in marriage. Why? Because it is a good moment between Penny and her soon to be daddy.

Are You Like The Main Character Or Why Aren't You? Yes, I would say I am like the main character, Penny. Well, in some ways. I don't sneak off to the pool when my mom says not to. So I would says in some ways!
I really enjoyed this book! Try is out!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Title: High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Rated: G
Stars: 5
My mom took me to see this movie last night. It was a girl's night. There were all of theses mom's and daughters in line. Before I went to see this, all of my friends and moms said that this was the best movie of all three.
And it was. It was perfect! The songs were really good also! I have to agree with everyone who thinks this is the best movies so far!
My mom really liked it also! This is a really good movie to watch for a Mom-Daughter time. This was a really fun movie!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hannah Montana Season 1

Title: Hannah Montana Season 1
Stars: 5
Hannah Montana is one of my favorite Disney shows. It is about a girl that want to become famous but not let anybody know it is her. So she puts a wig on and sings her heart out. So she is a normal girl, and a pop star!
Miley Cyrus plays this act perfectly. And this show is really funny also! 4 discs and 26 episode of fun! There was only one episode that I haven't seen because I used to watch this all the time.
If you like a good laugh, are a girly-girl like me (even if you aren't, my friend Cait is a total tom-boy and she loves this show) this is for you!

Here are the episodes! They have silly names sometimes!
1. Lilly, Do You Want To Know a Secret?
2. Miley Get Your Gum
3. She's A Super Sneak
4. I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't
5. It's My Part and I'll If I Want
6. Grandma Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Play Favorites
7. It's a Mannequin's World
8. Mascot Love
9. Ooh, Ooh, Itchy Woman
10. O Say Can You...Remember These Words?
11. Oops, I meddled Again
12. On The Road Again
13. You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit is About You
14. New Kid in School
15. More Than a Zombie To Me
16. Good Golly, Miss Dolly
17. Torn Between Two Hannah's
18. People Who Use People
19. Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free
20. Debt It Be
21. Boyfriend's Jackson And There's Going Be Trouble
22. We Are Family-Now Get Me Some Water
23. Schooly Bully
24. The Idol Side of Me
25. Smells like Teen Sellout
26. Bad Moose Rising
My favorite episode is Smells Like Teen Sellout, and mostly all of them. Unless you have seen them over and over again, like I have!
Have lots of fun with this!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am an Alice! What Cullen R U?

If you look under my profile you can see that I most list Alice Cullen! If you like the Twilight series, take the quiz and tell me which Cullen you are more like!


High School Musical and Hannah Montana DVD Game

Title: High School Musical DVD Game


Stars: 4

For Everyone!

Description: Join the coolest school in town! All you nee is a DVD player and a remote control! Play on your own, or with friends and family in Party Play mode!

~Take center stage and perform songs!

~Engage in dance-offs by your self or with friends!

~All of this and lots of games! This all adds up to about a dozen of games and fun!

This game is different from other games, you don't add up scores from all games, well, there isn't score at all. But this game has about a dozen of games, dance-offs, singing, and games, and more!

Pick how many players are going to play and who you are going to be then you are off! Play all of these games with your friends. You can pick Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, Sharpay, and Ryan!

Title: Hannah Montana DVD Game


Stars: 4

For Everyone!

Description: Get ready to rock with Hannah! All you need is your DVD player a remote control! Play on your own, or with friends and family is Party Play mode.

~Perform the best hits by Hannah Montana!

~Do a dance-off!

~Drive the crown wild with your fabulous drumming!

~Hours of fun!

This DVD game is just like the HSM game except it is Hannah Montana! There are quizzes, dance-offs, singing, and more! Have fun with your friends and family!

You can pick from, Hannah, Jackson, Lily, Miley, Oliver, and Miley's dad! This also has over a dozen games! Have fun with this game that wonderful Disney made up!


Monday, November 10, 2008

A Heart Full of Hope (Christy Miller) by Robin Gunn

Title: A Heart Full of Hope
Author: Robin Gunn
Stars: 5
Description: Christy Miller is sixteen, and that means she can finallu date! Rick has waited months for this, and he has a whole list of dates planned. He's not happy about her early curfews and a weekend job, but Christy knows her parents aren't about to negotiate on those points. Really, she's dazzled to be pursued be such a thoughtful guy. So why does she feel overwhelmed? Where does Todd fit into her life now? And can a guy really fulfill all her hopes?
This book is practically all about boyfriend girlfriend and the love between Rick and Christy.
Christy is now able to date! She and Rick get together and and date. Rick has a list of dates, and more. He is the most thoughtful and the most sweetest guy Christy has ever met. But Christy finds out that they were much happier when they were just friends. What will happen? And were does Todd fit into her life? And will she turn to God for help?
There are a whole bunch of kisses because Rick and Christy become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Island Dreamer (Christy Miller) by Robin Gunn

Title: Island Dreamer

Author: Robin Gunn

Stars: 5

Description: Christy Miller is spending her sixteenth birthday on Maui with her family, Todd, and Paula, her best friend from Wisconsin! What could be better? But Christy soon finds out that she and Paula don't have as much in common anymore. Paula's obsessed with having a boyfriend...even if it means stealing Todd from Christy. Will he choose Paula over her? Or will the islands send Christy dreaming in new directions?

Christy can't wait for her best friend, Paula from Wisconsin, to come for her "Sweet Sixteen!" When she gets here they find out that they are going to spend Christy birthday in Maui! How fun! But it turns out to be not very much fun for Christy when she finds out that Paula and her are totally different.

Paula is really wants a boyfriend, and will do anything to get one. Even flirting with Todd.

There are a few things in here that Paula does that aren't very good. She wears a bikini, and she is also wants to lose her virginity just to fit in with her friends. (Not Christy though) She does a couple of lies.

Christy Miller series is one of my favorite series! I think any non-Christian or Christian would like these books.